Origicare is a highly innovative company where the patient is at the heart of the solutions. We created and patented unique and technologic solutions in order to make the patient aware in the medication sector.

Because information and the adherence to treatment are our focal point to increase the patient’s lifestyle.



We believe in transparency of information and in our website you are going to find only real products that we developed, we do not invent anything but we actualize ideas that take shape every day with unique products for innovative solutions.


FIDATI is an innovative system (still under study) to create package leaflets for pharmaceutical companies invented to increase and give more information about drugs for the patient and understanding the dosage.


Patented Model by ORIGICARE, category 1 medical devices, not sterile, CE marked

BLISTEK is a blister case/holder that faces and solves the problem of “adherence to the drug” in the chronic therapies that the patient shall follow for their lifetime or for a long period of time like: Diabetes, Hypertension, Heart Failure, Osteoporosis and etc.

Avoiding hospitalization due to important illness complication. BLISTEK supports the original blister of the product in scope, it is able to register the delivery of each single tablet or capsule and it shows on the display all the adherence data of the patient in therapy. Its Bluetooth technology allows to interact with the Medical Centre of reference or our Doctor.


  • Number of tablets available
  • Date and hour of the last assumption
  • Adherence % and constantly
  • Light and acoustic signal in the moment of consumption


  • Useful information on the smartphone
  • Monthly minireport of adherence
  • Messages from the specialist medical centre
  • Alert notification a week before the blister end
  • Recall from an operator in case of non-optimal adherence
  • BLISTEK is also geared toward Compliance Studies from hospitals, CRO-Oncologic Referral Centers and Clinical Research Centers.
  • BLISTEK is also able to interact with home monitoring services of Telemedicine by the Hospital center: it allows to track if the drug is suitable in real life situation.
  • BLISTEK is designed for Compliance Studies in home monitoring services of Telemedicine to track a real life state.


The main problem for the patient, which suffers from a chronic disease, is the treatment adherence.

In the long-period treatment for chronic diseases is important the regular intake for long time of specifics drugs: after a heart attack for example it has been proven that the correct drug assumption decreases the chance of the disease returning about 75%, while a suboptimal assumption of anti-hypertensive medications increase the risk of heart attack or stroke about 30%.

As followed you can find the adherence data to the therapy in cases where the patients follow the treatment with a percentages greater than 80%.

Diabetes 62%
Hypertension 55%
Hepatitis C 53%
Chronic kidney disease 50%
HIV 47%
Heart failure 43%
Chronic obstructive respiratory disease 14%
  1. 80% of patients forgets indication at the same time as they leave the doctor’s office
  2. About 50 % of patients remembers wrongly the indication
  3. 14% of patients confesses that the medical indications have been not understood

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